Diligent ESS provides Integrated Electronic Security and Video Surveillance Systems for K-12 Schools. 

Our main objective is to provide multi-layered security systems, beginning with perimeter and interior integrated electronic security devices with the sole focus of deterring acts of violence and protecting students, staff, and visitors.


Who We Protect

Schools are the central hub and, in many ways, a reflection of the community. Their reach is seemingly endless as they attract neighbors, family, and friends together on a daily basis. Our number one priority is to provide the necessary systems and equipment to secure not only the main facilities, but ensure that our protective reach extends beyond to recreation fields, playgrounds, auditoriums, buses, and after-school events.

We understand how important it is to preserve the healthy ecosystem a school provides, below we’ve listed groups of individuals that we hold ourselves accountable to when working with K - 12 school systems…

  • Families

  • Alumni

  • Maintenance Staff

  • Visitors

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Bus Drivers

  • School Board Members


Areas and Types of Security Protection

A combination of the below access control, video surveillance and security systems ensures that mission-critical information can be easily accessed during any crisis or life-threatening event. Diligent Electronic Security Systems allows offsite control and monitoring from anywhere and at any time through a mobile device. We further enhance this feature in each of our systems by giving local law enforcement and fire protection agencies the native ability to actively manage and view inside the school’s security and video systems remotely and in real-time. The end result is an efficient, open line of communication between first responders, decision makers, and faculty inside the building that ensures that every safety measure is taken in order to save lives.


Perimeter Security


Perimeter Security is the first line of defense designed to keep non-approved visitors out and to allow only authorized individuals access. 

  • Parking Emergency Call Stations

  • Parking Control Gates/Barriers

  • Glass Barrier Film

  • Optical Turnstiles

  • Visitor Intercoms

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring


Access Control & Security


An Access Control System (ACS) can be implemented as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or designed through an onsite server. Access control is the method in which you only allow authorized entry into the facility via a proximity reader and photo ID access control card. The proximity card is identifiable to the person holding the card and can be programmed on a predetermined selected day and/or time to allow entrance. The Access Control System also allows you to run custom reports downloadable as a .csv file. These reports give insight and detail into who entered the building or facility at what time, if a specific individual is currently in the building, and who isn’t currently inside of the building.

  • Proximity Readers

  • Passive Infrared Detectors

  • Door Position Switches

  • Emergency Call Buttons

  • ADA Compliant Emergency Call Phones


Video Surveillance


A Video Surveillance System displays live activity in a specified area of the building by utilizing a strategically placed video camera(s) throughout the exterior and interior of any facility. This allows the end user to watch live or recorded video either on or offsite through a mobile device.

  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

  • Perimeter Exterior IP Cameras

  • Interior MegaPixel IP Cameras


Emergency Perimeter Door Lockdown


An Emergency Perimeter Door Lockdown is one of the key features of an Access Control System. This system utilizes all pre-installed proximity door equipment. Should the need ever arise, it allows for immediate emergency perimeter door lock down. If the individual, who has the necessary authorization to initiate the sequence, he or she can activate it with a signal stroke of the keypad or from his or her mobile device. Once activated, all exterior doors are locked down and only allow First Responders entry via the proximity reader.


Visitor Vestibule Man Trap Area


The purpose of a Visitor Vestibule Mantrap is to control, contain and isolate visitors entering a school. This is accomplished by utilizing video intercom, access control and video surveillance systems along with protective window film and emergency notification buttons to protect the staff at this point of entry.




Thanks Timothy!!!

“We had the opportunity to work with Mr. Moneypenny on the upgrade and expansion of our video surveillance system.  Timothy proved to be extremely knowledgeable and accommodating in working to provide an excellent system covering all our needs and that came in under budget for our school district. Given his commitment to our needs, his company will be the first to be contacted for any future projects in the district. Thanks Timothy!!”

— District Technology Coordinator, Prominent Ohio School District

Responsive & Helpful

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim Moneypenny and have found him to be responsive and tremendously helpful. Tim has great knowledge of school security needs and has the ability to develop proposals to meet specific needs. He is always willing to assist with information and will investigate alternative solutions. I have found Tim to be a great resource for information and he will always offer advice and recommendations as you build a plan. Tim understands the challenges of school funding and is willing to find the best solution that meets any budget. Now that I am in a new position I am comfortable contacting Tim for information and recommendations.”

— Superintendent, Prominent Ohio School District


Provide peace-of-mind to board-members, faculty, parents, and children.